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Stable care and attention
to the child suffering from facial birth deformity

Medlife Foundation Inc. is an international charity with a goal to help every child suffering from facial birth deformity like cleft lip & cleft palate who are living in rural areas of developing countries, who have no other resources to get treated. Currently Medlife Foundation works with partners in India who have provided free surgeries to thousands of children living in rural areas and extreme poverty. They have gifted thousands of smiles by just doing a 51 minute surgery that changed child’s & their families life forever. Many more thousands are still waiting for a just “51 minute” surgery that can transform their life forever who have no other resources to get treated. If untreated they may face many physical, social as well as psychological issues making their survival a big question. Our approach & model provides a safe & quality care.

Our aim is to provide comprehensive care to make sure, all possible surgeries and help reaches to the needy for the complete rehabilitation from their suffering or deformity.

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Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate is one such widely found facial birth deformity where
75% cases are left untreated due to poor resources in developing countries

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  • Facial appearance
  • Feeding difficulty
  • Speech problems
  • Partial hearing loss
  • Upper respiratory tract infactions
  • Development anomalies etc.
  • Social stigma
  • Low self-esteem

Comprehensive Quality Care With Holistic Approach

Children born with cleft lip and cleft palate deformity requires following range of services

Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate Surgeries
A comprehensive range of surgeries for cleft lip and cleft palate to rehabilitate children and adults born and living with cleft deformity.
Dental Treatments
A complete range of dental treatments under one roof for cleft children and other who are suffering with dental problems.
Orthodontic Treatments
We aim to rehabilitate cleft children and others who are having orthodontic problems.
Medical Investigation
We follow international protocol by following a complete and mandatory laboratory tests for children and adults before any surgeries at center.
Speech Therapy
We are following latest techniques in speech therapy by following interactive exercises and self learning ways for children in coordination with experts from Ghent University, Belgium.
Counseling and Rehabilitation
We are focusing on mandatory pre and post surgery instructions for cleft children and especially to their parents to make sure child maintains healthy life by following up with them on call and by meeting them at regular medical screening camps or at center. Also being counseled for school admission guidance at right age.

Supporters Testimonial

We have been associated with Medlife team since 9 years and have been doing medical screening camps in our area every year to help team to provide comprehensive cleft lip and palate care.
I myself have visited Medlife Clinic many a times and had been brand ambassador for Medlife Foundation. It is really great how Medlife is operating 365 days with a mission to make states Cleft free world.
It is really great to see how Medlife Foundation has dedicated their approach and models to reach every possible rural states in developing countries. I wish Medlife team a good luck in their mission of spreading smiles.
We are happy to help Medlife Foundation and team by organizing cleft lip and palate screening camp since 10 years. We wish Medlife a good fortune and strength to continue their noble work to rehabilitate cleft population.
It was a great learning opportunity for me with Medlife Foundation, India. I am extremely thankful to Dr. Shyam and team for their professional support and providing me a platform to do my research into speech practice with cleft children. I enjoyed my stay and was a great exposure to have lots of cleft children at a time and it is possible only in a developing nation.
I recently had the privilege of working very closely with cleft children at Medlife Foundation in India. I enjoyed my stay and internship tenure with team there that works with strong dedication toward providing her patients with the utmost quality of care. I thank Dr. Shyam for granting me the permission for internship.

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Organize this event in your school or community. Pick your best game (walk/run/jog) to raise funds. Ask for minimum $5 from everyone to attend and raise as much as you can and help us change a life!!.

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Ask us for brochures which has a detachable donation form for credit card to be filled by person who wants to contribute and put it in a sealed envelope and mail it to us.

Products to create smile

You can wear wristband to show your support and to create awareness. Sell as many as you can to friends and family or give them as return gifts on your birthday.(Costs 1 $ each)

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Glimpse of our project

Statistics highlighting the plight of cleft children across the globe


Minutes of surgery to transform a life


Treatment provided by our partner centers Pre and Post consultation, Cleft Surgeries, medicines, Orthodontics, Dental Care, hospital stay, speech therapy etc.

1 in 800

Children are born with such deformity & worldwide every 3rd minute a cleft child is born somewhere.

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