We at Medlife Foundation have partnered and created a center of excellence in western India which has treated already many thousands of such cases free of cost and have trained numerous surgeons all over the world.

What is center of excellence?

Having one quality 100% effective center is thousand times better than too many partners who can’t provide comprehensive care nor are dedicated to charity.

Highlights of our holistic approach;

  • High volume care center
  • Inclination towards providing excellent rural network partners for awareness and mobilization of patients
  • Pleasure to have testimonials from the doctors who have got trained from Medlife Foundation and have recommended the center as a very good educational and research center
  • Training of healthcare providers at regular intervals Database
  • Training of healthcare providers at regular intervals
  • Symbol of holistic approach
  • Maximum utilization of all available resources
It is western India’s one of the leadingCleft and Craniofacial centerfunctioning round the year.

It provides following services to
our patients

  • Surgery
  • Speech therapy
  • Ortho
  • Counseling to educate the family
  • Cloth distribution
  • Shoe drives
  • Diet Counseling

Our center of excellence has
following activities

  • International doctor observation & training platform
  • One year surgical fellowship for local doctors
  • Student volunteer programs
  • Conducting yearly congress for doctors
  • Database research opportunities
  • Comprehensive care
  • Annual supporter meetings