When no one else reaches, where there’s a need,we make sure we reach there

For our Healthcare outreach program, we at Medlife Foundation partner with local social workers, governments even sometimes army just to bring back the smile of innocent children who will otherwise always live hidden away from society & whose survival is a question!!

Team of Medlife is trying to reach rural and tribal parts of the society to find hidden cases and providing them counseling along with educating their society to encourage people with such deformities to get treatments.

Our teams of experts are engaged from ground level to the complete rehabilitation program of children. It starts with proper counseling, educating the family about the cleft lip and palate deformity, diet counseling, fixing appointment at center, routine medical checkups for all vitals to ascertain the complete fitness of the children, required surgery followed up with giving them date of next surgery if required, speech therapy using various kits followed up with education of the family to know more about the deformity.