Our Life Changing Journey

Over last decade our team members visited many rural parts of developing countries and saw many untreated cases of cleft lip and palate, and many other facial birth deformities.

We found that they can’t feed and treat them because of either no money or no access to centers. We learnt that thousands of such cases are still waiting for help as most of the population in developing countries lives in rural areas for e.g. in India 70% population still lives in rural.

That’s when we decided we need to empower, train local healthcare providers & support with all surgical and nonsurgical necessary care to help treat these innocent faces and make them smile forever.

As in developed country like USA we have the best infrastructure, best care, best hospitals and 100% treated cases of cleft lip and palate and facial birth deformities.

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Our life changing journey brought us closer to what we are and what is our potential . Our Journey to rural parts of developing world (India) since over a decade to provide medical help touched our hearts with so many life changing stories of children who would have otherwise not survived the hard facts of life that they are poor and that nobody will ever treat them thus killing their confidence and creating family & social issues questioning the fate of this children. These situations and also our experience gave us the motivation and strength to form an organization in our country USA to help & sustain with a global approach and bringing the best care to poorest of the world. We believe when it comes to treating children the world is one with no boundaries and everyone should come together to give what they can to those who need.

With almost two decades of experience by the team it was in 2015 Medlife Foundation was formed by few people coming from diverse professions like lawyer, doctor, educator & businessman who joined their hands to make the world a better place for some special children.

Let’s join hands & pledge to help these children.