Organize this event in your school or community. Pick your best game (walk/run/jog) to raise funds. Ask minimum $ 5 from everyone to be the part of the walk or run and raise as much as you can and help us change lives! Mail us about your event and get the event registration form from us.
Art Sale
If you have any passion, any talent like photography, painting etc do it for Medlife Foundation and we will try to auction it for you once a year. The amount will be donated towards surgeries.
I Got Talent Night
You can organize an event in your school/college auditorium and have some school/college bands over and raise funds with enjoyment.
Got A Group Who Support Us?
Support and spread knowledge about Medlife Foundation by writing in your school newspaper or in notice boards. Spread word about Medlife Foundation, our work in your class. See if anyone is interested in participating.
Register your club with us and we will share your experiences with the world on our site under ‘Stories of Supporters’ heading.
School Quiz Programs
  • For elementary school - Play picture puzzle (rebuz puzzle).
  • For middle school - Quiz competition, Documentary film of our patients.
Celebrate your birthday for a cause
We will send you a donation box which you can ask your friends to put money in instead of bringing you toys & gifts. Once event is over return the box to us with donations and the same would be awarded with a letter of appreciation.
Drop your change
Contact us for a donation box and place it in your home/school. Ask your family or students to drop the change they get every day. Give it to us when it is full. We will award you with a letter of appreciation.
Bake and Sale
Choose 2 baking groups and register them with us on our email address for the bake and sale competition. Sell it for minimum fee to the crowd of your school or to your friends and gift smiles.
Image module
Image module
Printable flier

Use for awareness about the work we do.

Image module
Event conclusion form

For keeping a note of donations made and to be submitted to us.

Image module
Printable poster

They are best to announce and let everyone know about your event. Just enter your event’s name, location with date and your poster is ready.