Krunalsinh Chauhan

Krunal, who had lived in London and has completed his degree from University of London, He was indeed having great time in London with his job there.

He found about our activities and outreach programs through our website and enquired through mail with our management to know more about our overall activities that we do, to support our Indian society. It was great to know over phone about his enthusiasm to get associated with Medlife Foundation, following that he spoke with our management to know in depth about the work.

Our management found his interest genuine and the zeal in him to come back to India with a motive to serve with the foundation was indeed a great pleasure for us to know. He was deeply touched by knowing the plight of needy cleft children in Indian society. He landed India and was received by the management and driven to the head office. He was given a round to our center where he met cleft patients and their parents, spent time interacting with them and realized the problems of people from the rural and tribal region that they are living in. He was deeply moved and decided to stay back in India and involved in the entire management and making network to help foundation reach the rural and tribal parts to the fullest to spread smiles.

Since then he is actively working with us and has initiated many projects and encouraged local people and students in terms of educating them about the deformities and the treatment that foundation provides to the needy.

Dr. Shuchita Sharma (BDS)

Dr. Shuchita who completed her bachelor in Dentistry and found our foundation and activities through our networks and reached us. She was highly interested to work for the dentistry along with the cleft management. Looking at her interest to get involved with our team, she was interviewed by our team of doctors and was offered fulltime opportunity to work with foundation in cleft management and activities.

She had given her precious time with cleft screenings camps in rural and tribal parts of our states and nearby places, along with this she is involved in many other side activities for cleft children in educating them and supporting them with other helping hands. Her creative mind has helped us plan and initiate several activities to raise awareness and help cleft population.