Bansi Bhuva Cleft lip

Whenever there is a new life starts breathing, there is hope, joy and happiness all around. Mr. Bhartbhai Bhuva was also expecting the time full of joy and happiness as they were expecting their first child during September – October 2017. Bharatbhai is not highly educated individual but a literate. He manages his living with an approximate income of Rs. 6000/- per month. Her wife Mrs. Alkaben Bhuva is a homemaker. She always tried to be supportive to her husband and managing the stuff around. On October 1, 2017 the husband and wife graduated and became parents. The newly born child named Bansi, brought joy and love to the family. However, when their parents first saw their child, they witnessed the fear of health of the new born Bansi. Bansi had a cleft on the left lip, which appeared to be unusual for the parents who witnessed this for the first time.

Bharatbhai is not educated but a sensible man who immediately rushed to local doctors and tried to inquire about what’s happening with their child. Alkaben also supported her husband in whatever he is trying to figure out and can prove to be beneficial for their child. Local doctors briefed them that child is normal, healthy and the cleft would not do much harm to his health but there might be some problems while he would learn to speak. Doctors also suggested that the cleft surgery as an answer to all his problems. Bansi’s father got tensed as he never witnessed any surgery till date. He although immediately started exploring the options. Bhartbhai is from a village in Gujarat, India. From his village he came to the city, where he discovered that surgery and the treatment after it would cost him lot of fortune which he cannot afford at any point of time due to is limited income.

At this stage he came across a cleft screening camp set up by our Medlife Foundation in their village. Mr. Bharbhai is an optimist, hence he decided, to left no stone unturned and rush straight towards our camp. Our volunteers and medical practitioners attended him well. He stated his son’s problem and get us all the reports from the doctors. Our team advised him to of cheiloplasty, which he fairly understood as lip surgery. But he was not sure at that time since from his past experience it would cost him too much. However, our teams explained him all the processes and how the Medlife would take care of financials for the surgery. He was more than happy to receive much needed help, his wife Alkaben was as happy as she was when Bansi was born.

The surgery was done on July 20, 2018 which was a successful one. Bansi is doing really fine now and there are no side effects or reactions appeared after the Chelioplasty is done. In Feb 2019, Bansi is scheduled to get Cleft palate followed by the speech therapy if required.