Hemang Dabhi Cleft lip

Hemang Dabhiwas was born in a small village call NaniAbdoli, Gujarat. Hemang was not just like another child in his appearance. He was born with the cleft lip. Initially the parents and other people around did not pay any attention to the cleft deformity. Since Hemang was born in village only, there was no medical opinion that could have been shared with his parents. Hamnag’s father is engaged in labour work and mother is a homemaker. His father, Sankerbhai Dabhi, has got primary level of education whereas mother, Kantaben Dabi is illiterate. The parents of Hemang were not really happy as their child have an unusual appearance. They fear that as he get mature, the cleft will also get widened. To our surprise, they never visited a doctor to seek medical opinion by themselves nor have they been suggested by anyone in their village.

The village NaniAbdoli has population of hardly one thousand where primary occupation of people is agriculture and labour. The medical facility in the village was not upto the mark. Such environment never allowed them to get aware of the situation. They were never alarmed and accepted the cleft as part of life. Although there were few people who occasionally advised Sankerbhai and Kantaben to visit the hospital in nearest city Ahmedabad. But due to lack of knowledge and financial resources they avoided. They were also advised to get the cure from visiting different temples based on the myths.

Hemang, was playing around the bushes when the active field team of Medlife Foundation discovered him. They at once got in touch with the family. Initially the parents were reluctant because of lack of trust, but later when people from Medlife Foundation showed and explained them different cases they have treated, cons of cleft, how the surgery would take place and all, they started believing the team and facts. They were briefed about the challenges that Hemang might have to face when he would grow up with the cleft. It was bit difficult to convince them for the treatment as it was time taking and they could not see the long term effect of it. The villagers were also had no clue about what is being discussed, hence their advice was not affirmative to the family and certainly not helping the cause.

Later with proper counselling, Medlife Foundation managed to get parents on board. Their queries and concerns were addressed one by one including the financial part. We made them sure that not a single penny would be needed from their side for surgery and other treatments, if any. Finally, Hemang was admitted on July 5, 2018 and the surgery was done on July 6, 2018. Not only the parents, but the entire village is thankful to Medlife Foundation team for the job done. As of now, Medlife Foundation is taking full responsibility of the child in terms of cleft surgery and allied treatments. The Foundation is also planning to start the speech therapy for Hemang at appropriate time. And this time, for the therapy, the family was more than excited to see their child speak for first time