Jay Gohel was born in Sanand, Ahmedabad. His birth brought more concerned than joy to his family. Jay, by birth has a cleft in mouth. The unusual appearance was not at all welcomed by his parents and relatives. Jay’s father is a daily wage labourer and mother is a homemaker. He was born on Jan 17, 2018. The appearance initially confused the thoughts of his family but later it took a different shape altogether. The close relatives and friends, who got hardly primary education, started blaming the mother for this. They kept her under stress that due to her bad luck that is being carried forward from her earlier birth was the sole reason of Jay’s abnormal appearance. Jay’s father, Shivaji Gohel was somehow not convinced with the popular theory around him and consulted the doctors nearby. In spite of the poor financial condition, he

managed to get the much needed medical opinion. However, at that stage, the cleft operation was not possible because of lack of required expertise. Jay’s mother was in under societal pressure, and at one point of time she started to believe the theory propounded to her.

During initial days after the birth of Jay, his father tried hard to find something which can cure the cleft but he was not getting the direction primarily because Shivaji is a daily wage labour and he is the only source of income for his family of five. A day that he spent time on his child means there is no earning for that day which may lead to no food for family. The cost was too high for other four members as well. Moreover there was not much encouragement to his efforts in the surrounding society and village. Jay’s father was still hopeful that with some extra efforts he would be able to get her son treated but being a sole support to family, he can’t move forward. But Shivaji has maintained the connect with doctors in the hope of treatment. Doctors advised him that for treatment, he need to move to Ahmedabad and get the surgery done but Shivaji, with his limited income was not in a position to bear the cost.

On the other hand, Jay’s mother, Hansaben Gohel was concern as she was not able to feed her properly. She was later told that due to this, Jay’s immunity power might also get decreased. She was feeling helpless at this point of time in the house made of mud and bricks. As Shivaji was losing his hope and accepting the reality of not curing his son, one of the nearby villager, shared this information and case to Medlife foundation. The people of foundation immediately came into act and started the process. They got in touch with the father, briefed him about the entire surgery that can heal his son. Moreover, Shivaji and the entire family were happy to get the financial support as well for the surgery which was major concern for them.

As of now, Medlife Foundation is taking full responsibility of the child in terms of cleft surgery and allied treatments. The initial check-up and reports have been done and the surgery would take place by the end of year 2018.