Jeel Cleft lip

Meet Jeel, He is like any other toddler learns the world with mummy and daddy’s attention however this little guy’s life was not smooth few months back. He was born with cleft lip and hence always gets attention due to wrong reasons, his appearance!!

No parenthood has a dream of having a child with the deformity like cleft lip and same with Jeel’s parents Mr and Mrs Bharthalia. Like any other kid Lakshya was also darling to his parents and grandparents however everyone was worried about his speaking ability and looks. Everyone in the family knows that a child with cleft lip can suffer from serious health issues and social stigma.

They decided to meet Dr Shyam Sheth for cleft lip surgery. Dr Shyam knew exactly what Jeel needs and advised his parents that he needs cleft left surgery soon. His parents were worried about long procedure for surgery because Jeel was not even

6 months old and in addition to that his weight was below the average. After 2 months when he became healthy enough to go for procedure they met Dr Shyam again and explained their concern. Dr Shyam explained them calmly that the procedure is a need of the hour and he will be OK after it.

Dr Shyam Sheth is setting a standard of excellence in the provision comprehensive cleft care that young kid like Jeel need to live healthier

happier lives. After a series of successful counseling and treatment Jeel’s cleft lip is repaired completely.

Look how he came out”

Dr Shyam is on a mission to

bring equality and justice to all children and adults from rural parts of India facing societal discrimination due to cleft and other craniofacial birth defects