Jeet Maheria Right Unilateral Cleft lip & Cleft palate

Jeet Maheria is 1 year old and is born with cleft lip and cleft palate. It was difficult for her mother to bear him when she saw him with this deformity at first. She was not happy and was in extreme shock. It was of course for them to get in this situation. But Jeet’s father did not lose hope and convinced her to take care of him at her best. When he was born, doctors guided them about his deformity and the same can be treated when he will grow in accordance with his fitness.

When parents were counseled about his upbringing in rural part of India, they narrated how difficult it was for her mother to feed him milk and food to keep him healthy. He continuously used to have cough and cold and was not able to have milk or anything and due to this, he was under weight and malnourished till the age of one.

They were not having enough money to travel to city to see doctors for her deteriorating health since his birth, as it becomes very difficult for daily wage workers to keep themselves away from work and travel to city.

They got to know about our cleft screening camp by Medlife Foundation, in a nearby tribal village and came there to seek medical advice. They were counseled and given with all required guidance and help to reach to our center for further care.

Treating him for the first time would not end the story; he would need another two-three further corrective surgeries for palate and nose.

Such children are usually kept away from the society people to avoid bad comments and the same restrains them to visit schools as they get bullied.

The overall care would need series of surgeries and post operative care to bring him to the main stream of our society.