Radhika Thakore Cleft lip

Radhika is a 5 year old girl, still living with Cleft lip deformity. When born, she was left un-attended for few days by her mother and gradually she started taking care of her when got to know about the treatment of such deformities is possible. But both the parents were sad about her birth with this deformity, as it was first time for them to get the glimpse of this deformity.

Her father is a daily wage labor and was not able to see doctors while she was growing living with cleft. Due to daily wage earning to keep family have two time meals. He could not manage to visit doctors and this way never took initiative to seek any medical help from anywhere until they attended one of Medlife Foundation’s cleft screening camp in their village.

She had to stay back at her home most of the time, as it was difficult for her to go out in society due to her facial deformity. When it comes to a girl child, it really gives pain to both the parents. As they start thinking whether she will get married or not! In India, girl’s marriage is of utmost importance since their birth. Mother had lost all of her hope to bring her up, though father supported the most until she reached at the age of 5 and got an opportunity to visit Medlife Foundation for her surgery.

Cleft children usually need speech therapy to practice on their speech habits and this way they get the ability to pronounce and speak. In case of cleft palate, it needs many sittings of speech therapy to make them speak well.