Sanjay Boyi Cleft Lip

Sanjay Boyi was born in small village of India situated in Mehsana, Gujarat. His birth was not celebrated like other children in village due to his unusual appearance. Sanjay had a cleft in lip and palate. Due to lack of knowledge and awareness, such kind of born in their village made him an alien among other children.

Sanjay’s mother had been cursed for the unusual look of her child as she had a cleft in lip. Although they had been briefed about the cleft by doctor. Instead of supporting them villagers made their life humiliating by spreading rumors about Sanjay and gave him a different tag like “child of devil”, “sinner” and so on. Sanjay’s parents came under high social stress due to highly negligence and the taunts of the villagers. In result, they stopped to take their kid out in public.

The parents came from rural and poor background. Both of them hardly completed their primary education. They were not in a mental state to take a second opinion apart from what they had been told by their peers and priests. Because they never advised wisely by anyone. This whole sequel increased their fear and decreased the understanding level to take any action or decision in that direction and that’s the reason the thought of going to the specialized doctors never flashed in their mind because of lack of education. Being a daily wage laborer, his father, Mr. Arvind Boyi, neither have time nor the enough money for the required surgery. Moreover her mother, Ms. Hansa Boyi, found it very difficult to feed her kid due to the cleft & it lead her kid to the malnutrition. The family lost all their hopes on how to bring up their child until they came in touch with our team of Medlife Foundation USA who is working extensively in the rural areas to spread awareness. The parents were briefed about the cleft in detail to give them a basic level of understanding by Medlife Foundation USA team. After proper counseling session to the family they believed that the cleft can be eliminated with a proper surgery which would be done free of cost by Medlife Foundation USA. The parents were constantly briefed about the process which helped them to decrease the risk factor as well as fear from their mind. The Medlife Foundation

USA rendered full support to surgery and post-surgery care of Sanjay Boyi.

There are many such children who are waiting for our help and support in terms of surgery and post-operative care. Medlife Foundation USA and its team look forward for extending all possible help in coordination with supporters to bring awareness in our society.