How support from our rural network organizations and other social groups have helped us reach the untouched parts of our society!

Our entire charity work to spread smiles to the extreme rural and tribal parts have, really been attested and supported by our rural network organizations from various towns and cities. Our outreach program has made us to have networks in rural and tribal parts that further help us reach untouched areas and search children and adults still living with cleft deformities and have never approached any healthcare centers for the required surgery nor for counseling. Our network has helped us give many smiles on innocent faces and unite many families in various villages and tribal parts.

Our mission of spreading smiles is not over yet; there are many families and children waiting for their surgeries. We look forward for support and well wishers to help us reach with our team to find hidden cases of cleft and other facial deformities from interiors of towns and cities and provide them with the required surgery to integrate them into the main stream of life.

In India, children born with such deformities most of the times continue living with their cleft until they get to know about the centers providing surgeries or they come out of their beliefs of myth behind this. In many instances they continue to live with their deformity thinking that, it is god given and it is being related to their sins and they accept it as given. Support in terms of organizing camps in rural parts has helped us treat children and adults and this has further helped them eat well, speak properly and children have started going school and adults have started jobs.

In our mission, support from out volunteers and supporters has really helped us reach to the neediest and spread smiles.

Multi level counseling to spread awareness and educate parents and patients from our society!

Our activities have been supported by many organizations, schools, clubs, social groups, women’s social group, Dental Association, Volunteers and elite people from our society. Our supporting team involves the patient’s family at whole, as they play a vital role in gaining knowledge during their stay at center and when they go back with their child back to their town post surgery helps in educating people in their society. This way it helps us multiply the knowledge from one to many and this further helps us to leave no patient unattended from their town or villages.

Our supporters and volunteers has helped us giving our helping hands to the neediest population at large. Interest and enthusiasm from people from different part of countries has helped us gain confidence and spread our work.