Cleft Lip & Palate is one of the most common birth deformities in world. Cleft Lip & Palate is a condition which happens in 6th to 12th weeks of pregnancy. The ratio of cleft is 1:800 worldwide, though the same varies on geographic change and some being very high. There are millions of children and adults who have not received corrective surgeries or any counseling as they are living in rural and tribal parts of the societies where even nearest primary healthcare facilities is a journey of many hours. There is huge cleft lip surgery need especially in developing countries. from quality health care provider

There are families around the world that considers such deformities as divine status and prevent their children from getting required corrective surgeries. This further lead to an abnormal type and isolated life style of life for child from the beginning till one becomes adult if they survive.

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A child is born with cleft lip or cleft palate every 3rd minute
  • In many developing countries 75% children are still untreated due to poverty
  • 275 $ provides 100% free surgery, that includes medicines, physician consult, anesthesia & hospital stay for one cleft lip & palate operation
  • There is no vaccine or medicine to prevent cleft deformity but research is going on to find prevention.
In one study conducted in 2009,
it was quoted that parts of “India” are having following infant death rate;
  • Top and bottom part of India, 25-50 per 1000 births
  • Middle part of India covering most of the India, 50 and above per 1000 births
  • Very less part of India where the rate is less than 25 per 1000 births

Medlife Foundation’s volunteers & team have worked in many developing areas around the world. Currently its activities are focused in India where almost 70 % population lives in rural areas with poor roads, electricity & healthcare facilities.